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Karen Bush


    Karen Bush has been a regular contributor to Your Dog magazine since its launch in 1995.  During this time she has written features covering all aspects of canine training, behaviour, health and general care. She has written 20 books which are mainly about horses but also include Everything Dogs Expect You to Know, a canine compendium of facts, trivia and practical advice, The Dog Expert which has become a best selling title, and most recently, Dog Friendly Gardening which explains how you and your pet can both enjoy and improve on the patch outside your back door safely.

    She lives in Buckinghamshire with two rescue whippets.


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 Claire Colvin


    Claire Colvin has had a lifelong love of dogs: her earliest memories are of dragging 'stray' dogs home from nearby Hampstead Heath and pleading with her parents to be allowed to keep them. This plan would almost always fail after the phone number on the collar tag had been rung and yet another distraught owner reunited with their missing pet.

    After a stint walking dogs for a busy rock star came to an end when Claire was discovered bouncing on the water bed with the two dogs, she finally acquired one of her own, a wayward Dalmatian whose exploits are almost as legendary and unprintable as those of his spotty successor.

    When not disentangling herself from a leash or rescuing George Michael from the unwanted attentions of her dogs, Claire can be found busy drawing. As well as working on commissioned canine and equine portraits, she produces illustrations for books and magazines. Among the many books she has illustrated are Colly's Barn by Michael Morpurgo, The Horse Rider's Hacking Handboook and The Dog Expert. You may also spot some of her dogs, past and present, amongst the photographs in Dog Friendly Gardening



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